Strategic Plan 2030

The Need To Shape Our Future

Many different factors—energy constraints, an aging society, the desire for better personal health—mean that the dependence on private automobiles, which has substantially shaped our society and communities over the past 60 years, is not sustainable over the long term.

Automobiles are useful tools. But to make our communities resilient for a changing future, it is crucial that we make it easier for people to connect by walking, cycling, and using public transit.

More than ever before, we need to be in the business of moving people. This means building sustainable transportation networks that integrate many types of travel. It also means better linking transportation planning with the land use decisions that determine where and how we live, work, and access services.

Even more importantly, we need to build a common understanding of what life would be like with more transportation choices: more opportunities to live healthily, more social connection, and more vibrant public spaces.

This strategic plan presents BC Transit’s vision and goals. It is a result of a province-wide discussion launched in April 2009 that asked our customers, employees, and partners to help identify transit’s coming challenges and opportunities, and determine priorities for action. This summary is drawn from the Strategic Plan 2030 PDF (summary) .

The strategic plan guides the long-term direction of BC Transit and provides the framework for more detailed capital plans, business plans, and budgets to follow. It also outlines how the legislative and governance structures that underpin our organization must evolve in order to achieve the goals of the 2008 Provincial Transit Plan.

The renewed vision, mission, and priorities presented in this plan outline BC Transit’s commitment to developing our self-reliance and long-term viability. It affirms how we will work with our employees, customers, and partners to create transportation solutions and services that offer choices.

Above all, this plan describes how we intend to help connect people and communities to a more sustainable future.

BC Transit Today

BC Transit is the provincial Crown agency charged with planning, funding, and implementing public transportation systems throughout British Columbia outside Metro Vancouver.

Our Proposal for the Future

To meet the challenges and opportunities of the years ahead, BC Transit reassessed and affirmed our role and priorities.