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RapidBus - Expanding service in Kelowna & extending the line to the Westside


RapidBus service was expanded on August 31st, now running from UBCO through to Westbank Centre. Announcing the service expansion and new automated passenger information on the buses and at stations were (left to right): BC Transit's Executive Director of Business Development Erinn Pinkerton, Kelowna-Lake Country MP Ron Cannan, Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick, and West Kelowna Mayor Doug Findlater.

RapidBus improves travel time, reliability, passenger comfort and convenience. It features fast, direct service through modern, attractive amenities.

Buses are equipped with technology that extends green lights at intersections, giving buses priority over regular traffic -- commonly referred to as traffic signal priority.

RapidBus shelters have an open contemporary design, and stations are designed for quick boarding through raised platforms at the bus stops.

Phase I of the RapidBus project established service between the UBC Okanagan campus and downtown Queensway. Since implementation, there's been a 10% increase in bus use in Kelowna overall and a 9% increase on the RapidBus route. Phases two and three extended the line to the Westbank First Nation and District of West Kelowna and introduced real-time passenger information on the buses and at stations.

October 2014 Project Status

RapidBus service was extended to the Westbank First Nation and District of West Kelowna on August 31st.

In Kelowna, the RapidBus project will result in four improved exchanges, five new RapidBus stations, branded shelters and real-time passenger information displays. Transit improvements that are part of the City of Kelowna's revitalization program for Rutland are complete and the new exchange is in service. Construction of the new Okanagan College and Queensway exchanges are underway. An exchange in South Pandosy will also be upgraded this year. Construction of new stations on Highway 97 at Gordon Drive and Richter Street are complete and are in service.

On the Westside, in the District of West Kelowna, the RapidBus project created two new transit exchanges and two new stations, all with branded shelters and real-time passenger information displays. The exchanges, located at Westbank Centre and Boucherie Mountain are complete. New stations at Westlake-Hudson are being built this fall. The new exchanges and stations bring improved transit service and customer amenities to West Kelowna, while boosting Westbank Centre's revitalization. Service at the new exchanges began on August 31st.

In the Westbank First Nation, four new RapidBus stations with branded shelters and real-time passenger information displays have been built. The stations are located at Westside Road as part of the new interchange, and at Butt Road on opposite sides of Highway 97. All of these stations are in service.

While RapidBus service on the Westside will provide faster, more frequent public transportation, it also resulted in changes to existing routes. Public input and feedback on proposed schedule was sought through information sessions, open houses and an online survey. The results of that consultation are available, and were used to set the schedule that went into effect on August 31st. Information on the service changes are available here.

For further information, visit Kelowna RapidBus